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  1. [QUOTE=hkrauss;155315]You can do this: from [

    [QUOTE=hkrauss;155315]You can do this:
    from [<%= request.getParameter("TableName")%>]

    Oh, thank you very much!!! Now, that's all right.
  2. I'm testing in sottoconti.jsp: ...

    I'm testing in sottoconti.jsp:

    <jp:mondrianQuery id="query01" jdbcDriver="org.postgresql.Driver" jdbcUrl="jdbc:postgresql://" jdbcUser="postgres" jdbcPassword="password"...
  3. How to make a modrian query taking a parameter from url?

    Hi all! I would like to write a jsp file that take a variable from url to make variable a mondrian query:

  4. Temporal dimension with only days that doesn't work

    Hi all!
    I'm using tomcat 5.5 with postgresql 8 and mondrian 2.2. I'm defined the shema sottoconti.xml. In my schema I defined temporal dimension named tempo with year, month, day. I'm being mad, but...
  5. Replies

    I hope my observations result, after a control,...

    I hope my observations result, after a control, in a correction of documentation. With my poor english over I can't make :-)
    Thanx to all Pentaho's team!!!
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    Errors in documentation of installation

    Hi all, I have download mondrian 2.2.2 and I tried to install with mysql5 following the instructions in official documentation in Thera are...
  7. cube designer 0.7 doesn't save or show the result

    Hi all, I tested cube designer 0.7 with jre 1.5 update 9 with a simple example. Then I tested with a more complex one. Cube designer at ultimate step don't show xml and don't save making vain the...
  8. Hi Tobias, thanx for answer. I resolved the...

    Hi Tobias, thanx for answer. I resolved the problem: the first row of the table that caused the error have a lot of null. If I removed this row the error disappeared.
    1) Does it is a bug of pentaho...
  9. Two tables are ok, one table create error on reporting

    Hi all!
    Following the Tech Tips "Dynamically Generating a Cross Tab Report" (thanks to Gretchen Moran), I'm install pentaho demo build 156 on win xp with postgresql 8.1. I created on...
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