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  1. Lookup-map role mapper configuration on MONDRIAN for PENTAHO BI 5

    > Dear Mondrian/Pentaho BI server team

    I am trying to implement this security options in Mondrian schema and currently am facing issues to get around with it. I am using pentaho biserver 5.0.0...
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    Extend backward wallpage on PRD

    Morning all,

    How to extend the wallpage on PRD, please?

    thanks in advance.
    kind regards
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    Excel export

    Morning all, i am having a serious issue with the output on excel (since this is going to be reuse for calculation). I explain, i have many queries done and i found out that to display them all on...
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    dynamic report

    Hi all,

    as a beginner user(PRD) I am preciously seeking anyone help , to figure out how to make good use of groups to create something like the below example . Bearing in mind i have several...
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