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Thread: Hierarchies and Drill Down in Pentaho report designer

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    Exclamation Hierarchies and Drill Down in Pentaho report designer


    I wanted to create a drill down report . Where when i click on device vendors i get device models of that vendor. I achieved this by creating hyperlink and then linking to another report which contains device models.

    However, this is not exactly we want. can't we drill down on the same report on the same page. like if i show device vendor and txns then if i click on one of the device vendor say LG it should drill down on device models of LG and show their txns. Don't we have concept like Hierarchies in Pentaho?Actually,after working on high level tools, working on pentaho seems very out of track...

    Please reply if anyone has any ideas on this.


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    Use anchors to build internal link targets in your detailed report. Use the HTML anchor style to construct a unique, but predictable, identifier for your link target. Use a formula on that style for that, something like:

    ="Vendor-" & [VendorID]
    To get a summary of your data, add a subreport to the report-header. Inside the subreport, add the links to your anchors of your main-report.
    Then you can add a link (style "url") to that target. Again, use a formula for it:

    ="#Vendor-" & [VendorID]

    As long as the link and link-target are contained in the same generated document, you will be able to jump to the target of the link. Note that when previewing the document as paginated HTML in the BI-Server you will NOT be able to use these links, as your browser cannot find link targets of pages that have not been generated. Use the non-paginated "streamed-html" output mode for your report instead. All your content will then be contained in a single web-page.

    Linking also works fine for PDF export.

    All other export document types (like Print, Excel or RTF) do not have sufficient capabilities to handle links of that nature. This limitation is not fixable, as it is built in into the specification of the document format we output. It would require the actual developers of these formats (Microsoft for Excel, for instance) to change their formats. I suspect that happens the day the moon explodes.
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