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Thread: too many sql queries with mondrian 3.4.1

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    I tried this property mondrian­.­rolap­.­cellBatchSize, set to 50 000 000, and mondrian 3.6.1.
    I got a Java Heap Space.
    According to the documentation, the default value is -1, so I suppose it is not to be changed.

    I have no other solution than stay in 3.3.0, and force the users to filters on the row axis, for my query, which was something like
    with member [Country].[Country].[Filter-AAA] as Aggregate({[Country].[Country].[AAA]})  
    member Measures.Min as 'Min({[Flight].children},[Measures].[AvgMyMeasure])'   
    member Measures.Median as 'Median({[Flight].children},[Measures].[AvgMyMeasure])'   
    select NON EMPTY{Measures.Min,Measures.Median,[Measures].[AvgMyMeasure]} on columns ,  
    NON EMPTY{[DepartureAirport].[DepartureAirport].[DepartureAirport].members} on rows   
    from FlightCube where  ([Country].[Country].[Filter-AAA])
    And now the rows member is :
    NON EMPTY{Order( Head( Order( filter([DepartureAirport].[DepartureAirport].[DepartureAirport].members, not isempty([Measures].[AvgMyMeasure])), ([Measures].[AvgMyMeasure]), BDesc), 50), [DepartureAirport].[DepartureAirport].CurrentMember.Ordinal, ASC)} on rows
    With 3.3.0, the query is run without any problem.

    Anyway, thank you for your interest and your try to help.
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    hi ,
    If you increase your cellbatchSize value, you have to increase your innodb_buffer_pool_size (in case of MySql). The back-end mysql has also to be optimized (also try to set table_cache and key_buffer_size and some other indexes on columns that your query uses more frequently). I was experimented with these two values (cellBatchSize and buffer_pool ) that support my system configuration (got some better performance time).

    And also, you have to set the java heap memory (-Xmx4096M or something less based on your DB size )to support this values.
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