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Thread: Add Filename to Result

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    Default Add Filename to Result

    I'm fairly new to Kettle. I have a set of files that I want to parse using Fixed file input. The files have a naming convention and I need to get certain information from the filename to include in the results. I have checked Add filename to result but I'm not seeing the filename in my results in the next step. Is there something I am missing?

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    "Add filename to result" does not add a field to your data row, but to the "File result" list.
    This list is available to capture all filenames engaged in your transformation.
    Either use a "Get File Names" step in a dedicated transformation, to convert filenames into an ordinary data row set,
    or replace your "Fixed file input" step with a "Text File Input" step, using the settings on the "Additional output fields" tab.

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    Thanks for the help. I switched over to the Text File Input and now I am getting what I need.

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