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Thread: Too slow MDX queries

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    Default Too slow MDX queries


    I work with bi server 4.5 with windows xp plataform. I read a post if you clear all in biserver-ce\tomcat\temp
    mondrian goes faster I do it. And works fine but another solutions?

    For example a configuration file when you change it, it improve fast execute queries?

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    Hi Emilio,

    Do you have any specific examples of MDX queries that perform badly? Turning on DEBUG logging on the mondrian.mdx and mondrian.sql loggers in the log4j.xml file is often a good way to figure out where the time is going, and whether configuration, aggregate tables, or query changes are appropriate.

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    Hi mcambell

    I read this in an other post. Go to this path


    I read change this propertie file and put this sentence: "mondrian.rolap.cellBatchSize=250000"

    I did and now go good.

    I don't know if it would be an other better solution or this solution i find is wrong.

    However I put this query but in other queries. In the past did it toot slow :

    select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Ventas], [Measures].[Facturas], [Measures].[Media]} ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY [Articulo].[All Articulos].Children ON ROWS
    from [CapriCubeDEmo]
    where Crossjoin(Crossjoin({[Cliente].[{parametrocliente}]}, {[Comercial].[{parametronombre}]}), {[Fecha].[{parametrofecha}]})

    Now it goes good velocity. Sorry for my english.

    Thanks cambell for the response.

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