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Thread: Handling Boolean Type in Calculated measures

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    Default Handling Boolean Type in Calculated measures

    I created a Dimnsion called LogCount and Hierarchy as Logcount, I have a level inside the hierarchy as IsLogCount (boolean). I have a measure LogEvent which gives me the count of logs. Now I want to have a calculated measure which gives me the count of logs having IslogCount as True only. Below is the query could anyone help me:


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    Unless I'm misunderstanding, a tuple should be all you need. For example, in Foodmart if you want to define a calculated member that is the count of customers who are female, you could simply define the tuple:

    ( [Gender].[F], [Measures].[Customer Count])

    Similarly you should be able to just define the intersection of Log.[True] and your measure-- no need for COALESCEEMPTY.


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