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    I just did a quick test on mondrian(3.3 version)-redshift connection. I have been able to get my cube working so far. Redshift is based on postgre 8.0...and mondrian already has support for postgres dialects, so this is as expected. But I have seen some commits in the mondrian master branch @ github, re redshift, like a new calss "".

    So I am just wondering, what sort of unseen issues should I expect from using mondrian 3.3? I know, redshift has many unsupported postgres types and features, so they could be bottleneck at some time. But I really need to know if mondrian needs any tweak, or I can just use the existing version or I need to build the master branch source?

    Note: Pentaho EE latest claims to have full support for Redshift. I check the mondrian version @ 4.8.1 GA release, it uses mondrian 3.5.6 which lacks the RedshiftDialect class.

    So, could you please put some more light over this?


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    There were a couple things to customize in our dialecting classes to support RedShift. They were checked into our main codeline, and was only recently backported to 3.5.X. It should appear in our next service pack release, scheduled for some time in early June. You can also keep an eye out for the Pentaho Platform release 4.8.2, which will also include the RedShift dialect.

    Let us know how we're doing with Redshift! Come by our dev mailing list!
    Luc Boudreau
    aka. Luc le Magnifique
    aka. Monsieur Oui Oui

    Lead Engineer, Pentaho Corporation
    Twitter: luclemagnifique
    IRC: Monsieur_Oui_Oui@freenode

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    Hi Luc,

    thanks for the info. Really appreciated.
    So, yes I will definitely keep eye on new releases.

    We are good with mondrian-redshift so far.

    Will keep you posted if we confront any issues.


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