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Thread: Creating Datasource / Cube with PSW or PUC

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    Default Creating Datasource / Cube with PSW or PUC

    Hi everyone
    It's been few month that I'm working on Pentaho.
    I'm currently looking at Cube creation for analysis.

    I saw 2 ways of making cube, the first one is of course PSW that works fine for me.
    We can also create report and analysis datasource directly in the PUC. Is this way as good as PSW or not?

    Is there a big difference between the 2 techniques

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    There is not a big difference. The output files generated and modified are the same. PUC creation of datasources is easier and faster, but with PSW you can customize it better.

    For me, PUC creation of datasources is better when the datasource is not a database or just to quickly test something.

    At the end, you will end up modifying the schema in your text editor of choice and since PSW will be deprecated in version 5.0 I recommend so.

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    ok thks a lot.
    I finally used PSW and I'll now check a bit the file to understand the logic of it and customize it manually

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