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Thread: How to generate SQL statement with ANSI Join Clause

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    Default How to generate SQL statement with ANSI Join Clause

    When the join happens between a cube and dimension tables, Mondrian will generate the SQL like this: "SELECT ..... FROM .... WHERE fact_table.column = dimension_table.column".
    How can I generate SQL statements with ANSI Join style? like "SELECT .... FROM fact_table JOIN dimension_table ON fact_table.column = dimension_table.column"

    I didn't find any options from Dialect Interface. There's a method called "allowsJoinOn" in Dialect Interface, but I didn't see it guarantee using ANSI Join syntax (JOIN...ON) on the Join happens between fact table and dimension tables. Maybe the allowJoinOn() can only work for Join among dimension tables, when the <Join> tag defined in Mondrian schema..

    Any one see this problem?

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    I believe allowsJoinOn is disabled on all dialects in current versions of Mondrian. There were some issues with it (

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