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Thread: How to return caption in DRILLTHROUGH?

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    Question How to return caption in DRILLTHROUGH?

    Hello, I would like to return the content of a level's captionColumn, localized, as the result of an MDX DRILLTHROUGH query. By default only the column (and, if set, the nameColumn) contents are returned as a result column. and I have tried various ways unsuccessfully. It this achievable?

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    I don't know if got your point.
    Is that about Drill through in time dimensions ?
    I mean :
    looking at YEAR level :
    -----------------| 2013 |
    |Measure Name|--99--|

    Drill through time dimension ( QUARTER level) :
    -----------------| --------------------2013-----------------------|
    -----------------| 2013 - Q1 | 2013 - Q2 | 2013 - Q3 | 2013 - Q4 |

    |Measure Name|----10-----|-----20----|------50----|-----29----|

    If I'm not mistaken, in MS SSAS, you can see the name of the member's parent hierarchy in the caption of the level when you perform a drill through.
    I would like to do the same in mondrian / pentaho.
    In mondrian I can only display the quarter name (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4).

    Is that your question?

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