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Thread: Long MDX Query question

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    Default Long MDX Query question

    I have this query that is running for nearly 4 minutes.

    with member [DateSectionCompleted].[ProjectDate] as 'Aggregate(Crossjoin({Except([GroupeEolien.GroupeEolien1].Children, {[GroupeEolien.GroupeEolien1].[#null]})}, ([DateSectionCompleted].[2011].[T4].[novembre].[4] : [DateSectionCompleted].[2013].[T3].[août].[11])))'
    select NON EMPTY Crossjoin({[DateSectionCompleted].[ProjectDate]}, {[Measures].[ActualHrs], [Measures].[CibleHrs], [Measures].[EffCible]}) ON COLUMNS,
      NON EMPTY {[Department.DeptGroup].[Tous], [Department.DeptGroup].[Tous].Children} ON ROWS
    from [OperationImputeSTD]
    where {[Project].[TOUR 96m C2/C3]}
    Activating the logs revealed that the data (SQLServer) part is taking only 10-20 seconds, but most of the time seems to be taken in the FastBatchingCellReader function (almost 2 minutes between FastBatchingCellReader and RolapResult:

    2013-08-06 15:02:23,454 DEBUG [mondrian.rolap.FastBatchingCellReader$Batch] Batch.loadAggregation (millis) 4045
    2013-08-06 15:02:23,454 DEBUG [mondrian.rolap.FastBatchingCellReader] loadAggregation (millis): 4045
    2013-08-06 15:04:05,377 DEBUG [mondrian.olap.ResultBase] RolapResult<init>: FREE_MEMORY: 59308kb 17.58%
    First, Am I reading this correctly, or the actual function taking 2 minutes is the last line (RolapResult<init>).

    Then, what would be my next step to pinpoint the problem and reduce this time ?

    I have mondrian


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    As a follow up, I upgraded to the latest biserver / mondrian (now 3.5), and now it takes over 5 minutes to complete (in fact I don't know exactly how long since it is busting the default 300 secs timeout limit).

    I would have expected 3.5 to be faster than 3.3, but there must be something else.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !

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    What's the size of the [GroupeEolien.GroupeEolien1].Children set? You're crossjoining that set with what looks to be multiple years at day level, which could be a fairly sizable set to aggregate.

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