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Thread: Time Stamp Degenarting

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    Default Time Stamp Degenarting

    hi every one,

    I had a fact table where we get only time stamp(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) to mysql DB

    i defined a date table which contains day, week,quarter,month,year all these thing

    i designed a cube where

    when i mapped foreign key with the time stamp the cube doesn't work

    i created a view of fact by getting Date(time stamp) in mysql data base

    is there any other way of doing it as i needed the cube to analyse the data in hourly level as well

    if so plz explain me, i tried a lot of threads about this post like degenerate dimensions all of that stuffs
    but, i haven't got a clue from that posts

    thank u for ur time
    ur help is appreciated

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    I'd recommend using an integer for the key to your date table. I'm not sure why the timestamp isn't working for you, but as a general practice you'll be better off with an integer key, for both performance and storage.

    I'd also avoid treating the date fields as a degenerate dimensions. Degenerate dimensions aren't appropriate for larger, hierarchical dimensions.

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    it's working by getting date from time stamp,
    now two fields one actual time stamp and date in the fact table how to design analysis cube to hour level

    thanks for ur time,

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    hello every one how to get granularity to hourly basis from the time stamp

    do tell me if i have create any additional dimension other than time dimension
    Thank U For Your Time

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