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Thread: how to make fact-table PK as a dimenstion.

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    Default how to make fact-table PK as a dimenstion.

    Hi All, I 've a schema scenario like, one of the transaction_table column (auto-incr PK) as a dimension. Means, I want to trace back to the transaction_table based on the customer_ids tripped in MDX query results with some Measure.[Condition].
    How can i make this col (auto-incr Pk ) as dimension. Or how can i get this auto_incr_id that filters the customer_id's with condition.

    Select Measures.[Condition] on 0,
    Filter(Customer.Members, Measures.[Condition] > val) on 1
    From [Cube]

    CellSet contains some CustId's and Measure vals. I want to get the auto_incr_id of the results.

    I tried with "View", 'select auto_incr_id from transaction_table' as Transaction Level and Crossjoin with Customer id's in MDX to get it.
    Filter(CrossJoin([Transation].Members, [Customer].Members, Measures.[Condition] > val) on 1
    But, When ever i use "view", the application is hanging. Not gettting reulsts even after an hour.


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    Hi LInuxBee,
    I'd recommend against of introducing a dimension at the granularity of your fact table. That's bound to have terrible performance (as you've seen).

    It sounds like what you're looking for is a good way to DRILLTHROUGH to detail. Mondrian supports DRILLTHROUGH, but unfortunately I don't think there's a simple way to get it to include fields that are not are not explicitly included in the context of the query. There's an "extendedContext" property that can pull in additional fields, but that wouldn't bring in an arbitrary field from the fact table.

    If you're using the pentaho biserver, a better option might be to create a drill link to a relational report.


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