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Thread: Probably wrong log4j version in Mondrian 3.5.10 build

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    Default Probably wrong log4j version in Mondrian 3.5.10 build

    Hi, pals.

    I've downloaded mondrian v.3.5.10 source files from github.
    I followed all instructions and used ant build scripts provided in distribution to build mondrian.war.

    However, when I launched tespage.jsp to view pivot table I encountered this error:
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.log4j.Logger.isTraceEnabled()Z

    Apache documentation claims that this method (isTraceEnabled) is available sinece log4j version 1.2.12:

    Also, ivy.xml claims that log4j depencency required version is 1.2.14:
    <dependency org="log4j" name="log4j" rev="1.2.14"/>
    However, when I launched ant war command from mondrian distribution root folder (which also contains build.xml and ivy.xml), the mondrian.war archive that was build contained log4j-1.2.8 version.

    Probably, there is something wrong with the build script. I've made a quick research and, unfortunatelly, haven't found anything suspicious.
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    I also have this problem, I find that log4j-1.2.8.jar comes from jpivot-1.8.0-100420.war, this war file is extracted and its content is zipped into mondrian.war during build. Maybe ant build script should be modified to remove this log4j jar or use a higher version log4j jar.

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