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Thread: ADOMD Client. Error 404

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    Default ADOMD Client. Error 404

    I have the simple cube, published with "Register XMLA Data Source".
    How can i open connection by adomd client from c#?
    I tried this ,

    AdomdConnection con = new AdomdConnection("Data Source=http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla; Initial Catalog=wdi;");

    but get the error 404

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    I was able to connect to the server xmla:
    AdomdConnection con = new AdomdConnection("Data Source=http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Xmla?userid=joe&password=password; Initial Catalog=wdi; User Id = joe; Password=password");
    but now the error in line
    var cube = con.Cubes[0];
    "mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Unknown database 'wdi'".
    <DataSourceDescription>Pentaho BI Platform Datasources</DataSourceDescription>
    <Catalog name="wdi">
    What am I doing wrong?
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