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Thread: mondrian empty result

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    I have a trouble with mondrian. I have a database, scheme for mondrian and saiku plugin in pentaho BI. Then mondrian generate some SQL, it returns 0 rows, while this sql is ok and return thousands rows.

    this is OK with first dimension, no filters

    this is OK with second dimension, no filters

    this is not work!!! Both dimensions, no filters

    Here some log information from mondrian_sql.log about this:
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,712 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: Segment.load: executing sql [select `time`.`year` as `c0`, `time`.`month_string` as `c1`, `v_client`.`client_name` as `c2`, `v_sku`.`manufacturer_name` as `c3`, `v_sku`.`brand_name` as `c4`, `v_sku`.`product_line_name` as `c5`, sum(`sales_cube`.`quantity`) as `m0`, sum(`sales_cube`.`amount`) as `m1` from (Select,, t.day_str, t.month,year, t.month_string from (select distinct time_key from maxxium_reports.sales_cube) s inner join maxxium_reports.time_dim t on as `time`, `sales_cube` as `sales_cube`, `v_client` as `v_client`, `v_sku` as `v_sku` where `sales_cube`.`time_key` = `time`.`id` and `time`.`year` = 2013 and `time`.`month_string` = 'Август' and `sales_cube`.`retail_outlet_key` = `v_client`.`dim_key` and `sales_cube`.`SKU_key` = `v_sku`.`dim_key` group by `time`.`year`, `time`.`month_string`, `v_client`.`client_name`, `v_sku`.`manufacturer_name`, `v_sku`.`brand_name`, `v_sku`.`product_line_name`]
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,974 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: , exec 260 ms
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,975 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: , exec+fetch 263 ms, 0 rows
    Here the database dump and xml schema:

    Where should I look with this problem? Can anyone explain what is wrong here?
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