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Thread: views with postgresql is not working

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    Default views with postgresql is not working

    Hi Forum,
    I have designed a CUBE... db : postgresql

    I have added few dimensions to the CUBE..
    I can NOT add one of the dimensions from the table (As foreign key and primary key realtionship is importent) .. To add this dimension I am writing an SQL view in the view provided option... giving alias and matching the columns....

    Thought it is not working..

    How can I over come this ? Can some one suggest me on this ?

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    Here's a tiny example with a dimension built on a <View>, maybe it will help you. You should be able to save this snippet to a file and open in in PSW.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Schema name="ViewTest">
    <Cube name="GenderCube">
    <Table name="sales_fact_1997" alias="sales_fact_1997_gender" />
    <Dimension name="Gender2" foreignKey="customer_id">
    <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All Gender" primaryKey="customer_id">
    <View alias="gender2">
    <SQL dialect="generic">
    <![CDATA[SELECT * FROM customer]]>
    <Level name="Gender" column="gender" uniqueMembers="true" />
    <Measure name="Unit Sales" column="unit_sales" aggregator="sum" formatString="Standard" />

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