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Thread: "Tree" hierarchy

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    Default "Tree" hierarchy

    Hi everybody!
    I need to create a "tree" hierarchy. I mean a normal hierarchy where some level have a separate branch that determines a particular characteristic of that level.
    I hope I explained it well, can I do that in Mondrian?

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    you can use closure in level that contains id parent and id child
    for example:
    <Level name="Employee Id" type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="true"
    column="employee_id" parentColumn="supervisor_id"
    nameColumn="full_name" nullParentValue="0">
    <Closure parentColumn="supervisor_id" childColumn="employee_id">
    <Table name="employee_closure"/>
    <Property name="Marital Status" column="marital_status"/>
    <Property name="Position Title" column="position_title"/>
    <Property name="Gender" column="gender"/>
    <Property name="Salary" column="salary"/>
    <Property name="Education Level" column="education_level"/>
    <Property name="Management Role" column="management_role"/>

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