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Thread: Calculated Member on non Measure dimension

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    Default Calculated Member on non Measure dimension


    Is it possible to generate a calculated member on a dimension different than Measures? I've used both the dimension and hierarchy attributes in schema workbench but when I publish the cube I don't see the member in saiku.

    What I want to do is a member that shows the previous month value of any measure: [Time].CurrentMember.PrevMember


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    Sure, this works.

    You should have something like this in your schema (within the cube tag):

    <CalculatedMember name="prevMonth" caption="Last month" dimension="Time">


    Then in Saiku, it should be available on you time dimension.

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    Hi alci,

    What you proposed doesn't work because the member should not belong to Time dimension as I need the cross with the CurrentMember of the dimension.

    The view could look like this, Actual and Prev Periods are members of a custom dimension:

    Measure Sales
    2013 2014
    Actual 100 200
    Prev Period 50 100


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    You could define the member on any other dimension. This is where some people use a dimension whose sole purpose is to hold calculations.

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    Hi mcampbell,
    I've done that but I don't see the member in Saiku. Maybe it's a Saiku issue.

    In JPivot I see the member only if I put it under All (default), if I change its parent, I can't see it either.

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