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Thread: How to remove a line break from a table

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    Default How to remove a line break from a table

    Hi All,

    I was assigned a task to remove line break from the table. First I need to know whether any line break exists or not. if the line break exists , how to remove it. Can you help me in this regard.

    Anybody please revert.

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    I would try replacing the line break for a blank when querying the database.
    If not possible, you can try in the report something like a combination of functions like REPLACE a UNICHAR(10). I use UNICHAR(10) to insert line breaks when I need to a text, so maybe you can use it to try to take them out, although you'll have to delve into the possible different types of linebreaks, maybe there are other types of UNICHAR codes for different linebreaks (windows/unix style, tabs working as linebreaks, etc)
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