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Thread: PDI-CE-7 mappings not saving in Mapping (execute sub-transfomation) step

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    Default PDI-CE-7 mappings not saving in Mapping (execute sub-transfomation) step

    running pdi-ce- , windows 10, java 1.8.0_131 , 64 bit on Dell laptop.
    I'm using a file repository on my local hard drive.
    I can enter the mappings, save the step and the transformation. Go back into the Mapping step and the mapping column is blank.

    the mappings appear on the front panel, but not when the 'mapping' button is selected.

    when run, the target variables in the sub-transformation are not being populatedc
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    There's a sample transformation coming with Kettle (.../samples/mapping/Mapping...).
    Do you see the same behavior when saving that to a different place?
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    java 1.8.0_131 (OpenJDK)
    ubuntu 16.04 LTS (x86_64)
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    No, I don't the mappings.
    I saved it and it changed the mapping step to use my file repository.
    The source and target fields are populated but the mappings column is empty and there's nothing on the input screen.
    It runs however and does do the concatenation, in the 'simple concat mapping.ktr' the output variable is 'res'.
    I don't see anything in the Use simple concat mapping.ktr that is assigning 'res' to X or Y which is where the concatenated output is displaying under in the preview.

    when previewing the results
    it must be happening in the output tab of the mapping step, but everything there is grayed out and nothing shows.
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    I'm not sure what's happening with the sample, but my problem is resolved. My input field I was passing was an Integer, the field in the sub-transformation I was mapping it to is a string. My mapping appears on the first screen of the input tab, but in the 'mapping ' screen. Thanks for the help.

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