Hi all!
I've created a transformation to read a Google Spreadsheet and configured everything so it works in my PC:
PDI 6.1 CE

I've downloaded the Google Spreadsheet Input step from the market, and configured it with a key uploaded from my PC, that I assume is stored in the transformation.

Now I've uploaded the transformation to my server

When I run the transformation in pan, the transformation has no errors, and the Google Spreadsheet Input step supposedly is correctly executed, somehow the step is reading 0 rows, when the spreadsheet has rows, so there's something that it's not working, but there's no error message to begin with.
I wonder if there's something else, apart from uploading the transformation to the server, to configure this step, particularly if I need to put the key in a local directory in the server and refer to it (so I would need to set up my key locally in a directory with the same path in my PC).
Has someone configured this step to execute it in the server?