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Thread: Portable DB Connection Across Different Machines

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    Default Portable DB Connection Across Different Machines

    Hi all!,

    I'm trying to make my work portable on all platforms. For files and directory paths I've used a property file and variables, it's working fine. However with establishing a portable MySQL connection (Or even setting up a similar connection so the code doesn't break), I'm not sure as to what approach is best. Is there a way to utilize variables
    in this situation? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for your time,

    The Embedded Monster

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    Didn't you notice that almost every configuration setting of a database connection does accept variable references?
    The Connection Wizard doesn't tell you about this, but if you edit an existing connection you'll see.
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    Yes read connection info from config file, make a transformation run before all others that read file and set config to system wide variables. Or use the kettle config file and get them automatically at start-up.

    I've used this with success for different MySQL database connections.

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    The EMB,

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