Hi everybody

The mdx query in the Query1.xaciton sounds good. If I want multiple members(in "with member" substatement), how do I split first and second member, I mean it is related to the mondrian syntax.

Anybody has the experience? any suggestion is appreciate.


with member [Measures].[Variance Percent] as '([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget])', format_string = IIf(((([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget]) * 100.0) > 2.0), "|#.00%|style='green'", IIf(((([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget]) * 100.0) < 0.0), "|#.00%|style='red'", "#.00%"))

??? (Second member)

select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Actual], [Measures].[Budget], [Measures].[Variance], [Measures].[Variance Percent]} ON columns,
NON EMPTY {([Region].[All Regions]{region}, [Department].[All Departments]{department}, [Positions].[All Positions]{position})} ON rows
from [Quadrant Analysis