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Thread: JNDI and Firebird

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    Default JNDI and Firebird

    Hi everybody.
    Sorry for my English, I don’t write very well.
    I’ve a problem with my connection to a firebird database. I have replied the file query1.xaction and I have made a firebird-ds.xml. But I don’t know why, that connection don’t run, and in other parts of Pentaho, I’ve managed to create reports.
    I have make a Mondrian schema, a Kettle transformation (the new database runs), but the xaction said me:
    JPivot Error ...An error happened servicing a JPivot request. Please see the server console for more details.

    When I see the server console, it’s written:
    14:40:03,125 ERROR [RequestFilter] cause java.lang.RuntimeException: Datasource java:comp/env/jdbc/firebird is not configured properly

    In the firebird-ds.xml, there is this code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Is there someone who have got this problem before? I don’t see topics in the forum about JNDI and Firebird.
    Thanks for your help, have a good day

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    Default Re:JNDI and Firebird

    I don't know much about firebird, but I did some quick googling on firebird jdbc connection string. and I looks like it runs on 3050 not 8080.

    this might be a good place for you to check out:
    if you haven't already.

    Another tip that you could try is to get the Report Design Wizard to connect to it and then look at the jndi connection it creates in the $RDW/resources/solutions/system/simple-jndi/ That will help make sure you put the right stuff in there as well as be able to test the connection b4 deploying the -ds.xml.

    Hope that might help you taste the happy,

    Try not to have too much fun.
    - - - -
    Nic Guzaldo
    That guy who shows up here
    and there

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    Default Re:JNDI and Firebird

    I've change the port number. The problem was I wrote firebird like this and not like FireBird, it's very important.
    Thanks for all

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