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Thread: directions needed with Kettle/Quartz integration

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    Default directions needed with Kettle/Quartz integration

    Hi there,

    I've been asked to integrate into a BI Portal based on the GA PCI a solution that:

    1.- fetches log files from a configurable list of ftp servers
    2.- transforms the log files appropiately to
    3.- insert them into a datawarehouse

    Ideally, all of this (ftp location, job scheduling) should be configurable in the admin portal.

    After going over (among others) "Creating Pentaho Solutions" , "Pentaho Advanced Installation Guide", "Spoon's User Manual", "Chef's User Manual" and searched the forums I'm missing the following pieces

    1.- AFAICT, only Chef knows something about FTP, and Pentaho can't (yet) run Chef jobs (JIRA: PLATFORM-304). I haven't seen any FTP components in Pentaho.
    2.- I need all the flexibility of cron jobs, but I've seen no documentation on how to set them up in the embedded Quartz, nor any components designed to do this.

    I guess I can code my own component for 1, but I'm a bit lost regarding 2: is the Quartz scheduler already started? How do I configure jobs via actions?

    Am I missing something? What's the easiest way to accomplish this?


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    Default Re:directions needed with Kettle/Quartz integratio

    For 1 your right.

    For 2, Kettle/PDI is not integrated with Kettle. You can start Kettle jobs from Quartz but for the moment you would have to roll your own, or use the kitchen/chef script to be schedule jobs/transformations.


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    Default Re:directions needed with Kettle/Quartz integratio

    Actually, AFAICT, job support is in the latest Pentaho RC.

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