MySQL has been one of the most popular databases amongst the Pentaho community. We receive questions and comments regularly about setting up and writing solutions for Pentaho on MySQL, which tells me people are putting MySQL to work in the business intelligence space. These questions were the catalyst for our Tech Tips, a collection of very useful how-to's for the Pentaho platform and Pentaho tools.

Today, I published a short tech tip regarding how to move the Pentaho sample data from HSQLDb to MySQL. Not rocket science, yet definitely made much easier with a Kettle transformation donated by Nic Guzaldo - thanks again Nic! Check it out, it's a good example of moving data with Kettle and also is a great utility tool to stick in your Pentaho toolbox. That one transformation can be tweaked to move the Pentaho sample data to just about any JDBC compliant database.

Nic's full contribution is actually a complete reporting solution that comprehensively covers a plethora of Pentaho features - secure filters, parameters, variable replacements, more MySQL 5.0 tricks just to name a few. In my next posts I'll talk more about the "Guzaldo mini-series", look for it!