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Thread: Better example reports for the Report Designer?

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    DEinspanjer Guest

    Default Better example reports for the Report Designer?

    I looked through several of the samples in the report designer's samples directory and found them a bit lacking. Several of them didn't run without changing the definition of datasources and they don't really demonstrate any features.

    I went out to the SF site and found the "demo" zip for the classic engine. It has a handful of .report files in it, but opening any of them in the report designer simply yields a blank structure.

    The pages on under the Reporting category ( are mostly empty, many of them just have the string "xml file for page content." as the content of the page.

    Is there some other site or repository of documentation and examples for the reporting system included in Pentaho BI 1.6.0 GA?

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    I agree, I can't find any examples that show how to pass parameters to a report

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    I found some more useful examples in the pentaho BI server PCI sample solution. You can import those .xml files using the import option in the designer.

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    Default Samples Pentaho


    can u send me the lik for the Pentaho BI PCI.
    I have found this link but which one to be installed.


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    The 1.6.0.GA opensource installer for your platform.

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    Default Samples Pentaho Not Working


    thnaks for the reply
    I downlaoded this before so i just wanted to confirm. In this you have the directory bi-server\pentaho-solutions\samples\ correct which have the samples.I tried to use the "getting started" folder. I get the error when i import the index.xml file. the file is not in the correct format.Is it working for you. which samples are working for u.


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    I used the following command to find a list of the JFreeReport report definition files that you can import into the Report Designer:

    $ find -name "*.xml" -and -not -name index.xml -print0 | xargs --null grep -l DOCTYPE.*JFreeReport
    ./steel-wheels/reports/Income Statement.xml

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    Default Report Designer 1.6.0


    I attempted to import (using the import feature)


    and every one of them return errors. The error returned for the time-series-report.xml is as follows.

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not create expression instance for class org.pentaho.plugin.jfreereport.reportcharts.TimeSeriesCollectorFunction

    I have not been able to find any "real" documentation on how to actually use the report designer to create a simple chart based on a JNDI connection.

    I was able to set up my dataset but then what? When I assign returned columns to the value columns and series names I get back no data error and I KNOW that the query returns data.

    Any assistance or documentation would be appreciated.



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