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Thread: The open source geospatial BI components GeoMondrian and Spatialytics are available!

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    Default The open source geospatial BI components GeoMondrian and Spatialytics are available!

    After the release of a new version of its open source spatial ETL tool, GeoKettle yesterday (please see the announcement for more details), the GeoSOA research group at Laval University, Quebec, Canada is proud to announce the availibility as new open source projects of GeoMondrian, the first implementation of a Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) server and Spatialytics, a lightweight cartographic component which enables navigation in SOLAP data cubes. GeoKettle, GeoMondrian and Spatialytics are components of the complete geospatial BI (Business Intelligence) software stack developed by the GeoSOA research group.


    GeoMondrian is a "spatially-enabled" version of the open source Mondrian OLAP server (Pentaho Analysis Services). To make it clear, GeoMondrian is an implementation of a Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) server. As far as we know, it is the first implementation of such a server and it is open source!

    It adds to Mondrian a Geometry data type, enabling storage of member properties and measures containing vector geometries (points, lines, polygons) natively within the data cubes. Some MDX extensions supporting this data type are also provided. They allow to add spatial analysis capabilities to the analytical queries.

    GeoMondrian provides then a consistent integration of spatial objects into the OLAP data cube structure, instead of fetching them from an external spatial DBMS, web service or a GIS file. To summarize, GeoMondrian brings to the Mondrian OLAP server what PostGIS brings to the PostgreSQL DBMS, i.e. a consistent and powerful support for geospatial data!


    Spatialytics is an open source lightweight cartographic component which enables navigation in Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) data cubes. It aims to be integrated into existing dashboard frameworks in order to produce interactive geo-analytical dashboards. Such dashboards support the decision making process by including the geospatial dimension in the analysis of enterprise data.

    Spatialytics is based on the OpenLayers web mapping client, and uses olap4j for connection to OLAP data sources. For now, it requires GeoMondrian, the first implementation of a Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) server, to be able to display members of a geospatial dimension on a map.

    Spatialytics allows then:

    • the connection with a Spatial OLAP server such as GeoMondrian
    • the navigation in the geospatial data cubes
    • and the cartographic representation of some measures and members of a geospatial dimension as static or dynamic choropleth maps (for now)

    GeoKettle, GeoMondrian and Spatialytics have already been adopted by some organisations, as for instance by the GeoBI project. GeoETL is GeoKettle, GeOLAP is GeoMondrian and GeoReport will soon benefit from Spatialytics capabilities (a student funded by the Google Summer of Code 2009 program, under the umbrella of OSGeo, is currently working on this task at Laval University).

    I hope you will enjoy GeoKettle, GeoMondrian and Spatialytics. If you require more information about these open source geospatial BI software components, please visit the projects' pages and do not hesitate to contact us through the mailing lists or directly.

    Best regards,

    Prof. Thierry Badard, Ph.D.

    Professor in geoinformatics
    GeoSOA research group (
    Centre for Research in Geomatics
    Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

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    Hi Thierry,

    is it possible to integrate the
    GeoMondrian and GeoKettle with Pentaho Enterprise Edition?


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    Hello Thierry,

    Is it possible to publish the SOLAP cube data on pentaho bi server CE? I mean I can build OLAP cubes and use them to display charts/dashboards, is the same task can be achieved using SOLAP cube by using CDE Map Component? Any documents/notes regarding this will be a great help.

    Thanks in advance.

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