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Thread: User Management in Pentaho

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    Post User Management in Pentaho

    I am a newbie to Pentaho and I need some help for getting started. I am using v 3.0 of Pentaho. I have created some users from Administration console but these user does not appear while logging in.
    On the separate note what is the significance of roles. How can I configure which roles can perform which operations.

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    Where do they not appear?
    As an admin user (joe e.g) you can right click on folders / elements and define which roles/users can execute/delete/.... those (one user can have different roles - e.g admin/user/....)

    in general: user/role security model is a standard - try google
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    Default User management

    I am having the same issue. When adding the new users from the administration console, they won't appear in the pentaho login page. I have also hard-coded them in [..\webapps\pentaho\jsp\login.jsp] but still the same. I am new to Pentaho and just experimenting with it for a project.

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    Default User Management in Pentaho

    User might not be appearing in the list but the user should be created and you should be able to log into the system with same credentials.

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    Right, I figured it out.

    The initial users are setup in ...webapps\pentaho\mantlelogin\ with their user names and password. This is a helper I suppose to get us up and running, with prefilled boxes, that also has to be synchronised with Login.jsp file.

    If you want to just use the users that you have created in Administration console, go to pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho.xml, and edit the line by setting the value to false. i.e.
    The login-show-users-list setting when set to true, will show a drop-down list of the default
    sample pentaho users (joe,suzy,pat,tiffany) in the login dialog which is shown when a user attemps
    to login to the Pentaho User Console (PUC).


    once the server is restarted, you can log in with the user id and passwords you created from Admin Console

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