Good Morning,

First of all, I'm french and my english can be approximative.
But I'll try my best.

So, our team installed a BI suite ( Community Edition ) on a UNIX Server ( Centos ).
We are currently trying to make reports with data coming from an old IBM DB2 AIX.
The problem is : this damn AIX only supports ODBC and can't cope with JDBC.

I researched on the net about this and, apparently, UNIX doesn't like much ODBC...
Too bad...

I wanted to use the JDBC ODBC Bridge but I can't make it appear in the Admin Console.

The reports work well under windows environment ( JDBC ODBC Bridge rulz ! ) but when i publish them on the server : BAM ! Cannot execute Query. We tried many ways to input the driver under the BI Server : Copying rt.jar under lib repertories of tomcat and bi server, even trying to use an opensource unixODBC ( among all the things we tried ), etc...

We are currently quite lost and seek for help or any advice that could help us.

If anybody find the soluce. I'm gonna burn incense every morning to thank him.

Thanks in advance

PS : I'm quite the beginner in pentaho and linux but I'm not the basic noob who
ask in the forums every time he has a problem. So be indulgent please.