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Thread: How to install PDI/Kettle 4.1

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    Default How to install PDI/Kettle 4.1


    Wiki seems not to be working :

    Could you tell me where I could find a doc with the Server-side (linux/debian) install documentation (as up-to-date as possible) ?

    Thank you very much


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    Hi Roms,

    the wiki seems to be offline...
    However, basically there is no need to "install" PDI... just unzip the distribution-archive (zip or tar.gz) you downloaded from sourceforge.
    Then run "" (you need a JRE installed and a X-Server to design your Jobs/Transformations in the Spoon-GUI)

    With Spoon you will produce the ETL-Files (or stored in a database).
    For running the ETL logics, you will use "" or "" which do not require a X environment and are therefore useful to be used on a server-environment (where usually no X is present)



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    Hi Tom,

    thanks for replying, i'm trying since a couple of days to understand how to configure a file repository on my debian server. I have a mac client with some kjb and ktr.

    I would like to add the XML in a versioned system (I saw that it was possible), but how can I call it? I saw we couldn't call a file that is not in a "repository" ? (

    At the moment my main question is : how do you create a "file repository" (if needed) ?

    Thanks for your help

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    when placing the KJB and KTR files into the file-system, no repository is used.
    Thus, you just need to specify which KTR/KJB file should be run when calling or
    The "file repository" is basically only a bunch of folders which you may create in order to organize your PDI-files

    The error message in the referenced thread says:
    "Unable to load the job: please specify the name and repository directory OR a filename"
    OR a filename... which means: PDI can call KJB/KTR definitions if they reside either in a database based repository or somewhere in the (readable) filesystem.



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    OK, it works perfectly, thanks a lot !!

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