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Thread: Table component showing total row

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    Default Table component showing total row

    I create a table component in my dashboard. I want to add a total row in my table, so I include a query statement to fetch total data. The problem is the fetched resultset doesn't put the total row as the last row in my query, so in the table, it looks a bit ugly if we have total row not to be placed as the last row.
    So, I modifiy my query by adding one column as a sorting column. The result is below:
    STATUS                   BOOKING           COMPLAINT     COL_IDX
    ONLINE                   5                       2                   1
    READY                    10                      4                   2
    TOTAL                     20                     7                   4
    UNAVAILABLE          5                       1                   3
    By this query result, I can sort result set by col_idx in ascending order, so the total row will be placed as the last row.
    The problem is, in table component, I don't want to display this sorting column. It seems that the table component has to display the exact number of columns returned by the query. When, I try to only display 3 columns, it complains, saying that it expects 4 columns other than 3.
    In my case, is it possible for me to display the total row and show only 3 columns ?

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    I leartn that I can't display 3 columns when the query returns 4 columns. I need to change the query itself so it displays 3 columns in the order I want.

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    Actually you can have as many columns as you want and only display 3.
    In the datasource definition, go to Output Options and add 3 indexes (in your case that will be 0, 1, 2) this will take the first 3 columns for the table component.

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