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Thread: Upgrade BI server

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    Default Upgrade BI server

    Hello all,

    At the moment i am running a 3.8 BI version.
    I would like to access the new interactive analysis and reporting, so i need to upgrade to last BI version (3.10, right??).

    Someone already upgrade it ?
    Or is it better a new installation ? In this case, how to restore all the repository/query etc ??

    Thanks for all suggestions


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    err, 4.5 is the latest version of the bi server, although the CE version isnt out yet, it is imminent i believe. I wouldnt consider upgrading to 3.10 when the next release is so close.

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    I am staying on 3.8 with our clients, as the GUI drastically changed and with the adhoc bugs and the fixes I have implemented, it simply is not worth the effort. Once the CE edition has a new adhoc method, I will update.

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    The 4.5 CE version is out on sourceforge since 07/05/2012 and its working beautifully.
    But the BI "interactive analysis and reporting" you mention, is part of the enterprise edition only.
    If you can upgrade do so, but if you insist on open source:
    -You can try PDI (development environment) for interactive modeling and etl reporting.
    -Saiku is doing efforts to start a web olap reporting.
    -Nothing on a waqr alternative yet.

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