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Thread: Help needed to use weka.dll(converted using IKVM) to deserialize an ANN model

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    Exclamation Help needed to use weka.dll(converted using IKVM) to deserialize an ANN model

    Hello All,

    I am posting on Pentaho forum for very first time. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I am running into following issue while trying to use weka.dll (.net version of weka.jar converted using IKVM) in my .net 4.0 project. I have followed steps mentioned in - . The exact steps worked for me and I was able to create a weka.dll file.

    Useful Information -
    1. I am running Weka(3.6.7) for Windows x64 in a 64 bit Intel® Core i7 3.40GHZ desktop machine and Windows 7
    2. I am running Java™ version
    3. I downloaded IKVM 7.0.4335.0 into my Program Files folder

    When I try to serialize my ANN model (generated using WEKA console) in my C# code (like below) using “weka.dll” I get “InvalidClassException” error

    Code – “weka.classifiers.Classifier cl = (weka.classifiers.Classifier) + @"\test.model");”

    Error thrown - “ javax.swing.JComponent; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -1030230214076481435, local class serialVersionUID = 5670834184508236790}” – I have included the stack trace at the bottom of this message

    I have tested running the model through a JAVA interface using weka.jar, and it has worked absolutely fine.

    While running IKVM to convert weka.jar file into weka.dll file it gave me following warning which I ignored – unable to compile class “weka.gui.MacArffOpenFilesHandler” <missing class “”>


    Just in case, I have included steps that I have used to convert weka.jar file into weka.dll

    IKVM Setup -
    1. Download IKVM package from and put the folder extracted under C:\Program Files
    2. In command line prompt browse to C:\Program Files\IKVM and type IKVM and hit enter to test it
    3. Setup the environment for using IKVM tools
      1. Add "C:\Program Files\ikvm-7.0.4335.0\bin" to Path variable in system environment
      2. Add "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322" to Path variable in system environment

    4. Use IKVMC to convert the WEKA jar files to .net dll ( )

    Creating Weka dll
    1. Change directory to location, where weka.jar file is located, in command prompt
    2. Run following command ikvmc -target:library weka.jar
    3. This will create weka.dll file

    Referencing weka in .net project -
    1. Add reference to generated weka.dll
    2. Add reference to IKVM.Runtime from C:\Program Files\ikvm-7.0.4335.0\bin
    3. Add reference to IKVM.OpenJDK.Core from C:\Program Files\ikvm-7.0.4335.0\bin

    Stack trace of the error –
    at , ObjectInputStream )
    at , ObjectStreamClass )
    at )
    at )
    at , ObjectStreamClass )
    at , ObjectStreamClass )
    at )
    at )
    at stream)
    at filename)
    at WEKAInitializer.UnitTest1.LoadANNModel() in C:\Users\saurabh\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WEKAInitializer\WEKAInitializer\UnitTest1.cs:line 71

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    This has been answered over on the Weka mailing list:

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    Dear Community,

    i am so sorry that i open the old thread. But I have excact the same Problem and the link to the mailing list doesn't work. Can somebody give me
    a solution to that problem?

    thank you very much.

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    I've never used IKVM I'm afraid. I'd suggest that you use the latest version of Weka 3.6 and see if the serialisation error is specific to just the MultilayerPerceptron classifier.


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    Hello Mark,

    I think I get the Error everytime when i serialize something on WEKA and load it from IKVM over the weka.dll. I found out that I get the error when do this with the KnowledgeFlow.

    I could save all things with XML, I bet then I wouldn't get the errors. The problem is that I can't save the trained model then.

    When you have any idea, tell me...

    Thank you very much.

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