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Thread: Pentaho Performance Improvement

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    Default Pentaho Performance Improvement

    I have installed Pentaho CE (6.4 Version) and created cubes in mondrian which is access through saiku. With 5-6 users the performance is really bad. Once user cross 1 the performance start degrading. I have below configuration
    8 Core 2.67 Ghz Intel Processor
    32 GB RAM
    2 MBPS line from datacenter to office
    Centos OS
    MYSQL 5.5 with database size 4 GB. All tables are indexed and maximum row of table os 500 thousand.

    Can any tell me if hardware is anough for 20+ users?
    What are the finetuning that can be done to improve the performance.

    thanks in advance

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    You might want to check you Java Settings (Pentaho starting scripts)
    Also you should check what are the resources for MYSQL.
    You need to know where is the performance problem... BI Server, DB, Network, Cube (or metadata...)...
    There is a bunch of parameters in the property files of mondrian and analyzer (pentaho-solution/system/ mondrian/ analyzer/)
    Good luck!

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    As of my knowledge whatever you have used confugaration is more enough to run your etl's.

    Thank you

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    What tests have you performed? Can you turn on debugging infos and share your logs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by raghavavundavalli View Post
    As of my knowledge whatever you have used confugaration is more enough to run your etl's.

    Thank you
    I don't really understand how you can judge that...

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