Dear Sir or Madam Sale Rep,
My Asian-based company is considering to intergrate an opensource BI solution for our own projects and may embedded the project to our offering in the future (4-5 years). As such, we would like to choose between Enterprise and Community version of the solution.

So I would like to have 2 questions:
1. Cost for Enterprise version?
2. Can we buy licence to embed Pentaho to our offering later, what's the cost for this case?

I already make contact to a Sale Rep by email, but it seem the different timezone make the work so slow. By the end of this week I will have to choose between Pentaho to Jasper (which I know little about but their reply was much faster). Any Sale Rep interested in my case feel free to email me at (pentaho email preferred because my company block gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail, sorry for the inconvenient), answer by private forum message is also preferred because I will be around.

Waiting for your response.

PS: it's no need for an exact number.