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Thread: Urgent - Define colors for Stacked Bar Chart

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    Default Urgent - Define colors for Stacked Bar Chart

    I am working on defining the colors for stacked bar chart as per the series not categories. Color definition is working in the case of pie-Chart using categories.

    I am using Protovis in CDE under post-execution block to define the colors for earch stack of bar.

    but it is not working and it shows only single color for each bar.

    function() {
    var bar= this.chart.barChartPanel.pvBar;

    var series = this.chart.dataEngine.getVisibleSeries();

    var ColorMap = [["Yes", "red"], ["No", "green"], ["Unknown", "orange"], ["No Data", "blue"]];

    bar.fillStyle(function() {


    But this code, define the color of category OR bar of the chart - not individual slices of the bar.

    Please let me know if it is possible through Protovis. it is urgent issue and we need to deliver it by tomorrow.


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    Please help me on this, it is very important to fix this issue to get out the release of the dashboard.

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