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Thread: To XML Diff betweet two steams

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    Default To XML Diff betweet two steams

    Hi All,
    My requirement is to compare two XML stream(read from XML file - both will be dynamic XML's). One stream I am reading a file(Stored in Flat File) which will be as "<Datas><a>sss</a><b>222</b><c>hi</c></Datas>" and other one also reading another XML file is also same format as "<Datas><a>sss</a><b>2227</b></Datas>". Want to get the difference as below.

    Tag Name Diff. Result Value
    a same sss
    b no same 2227
    c new hi
    Thanks in advance
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    If you want to compare XML documents using graphical programming only, certain structural requirements must be met: Documents must be flat representations (FLAT XML) of rows and fields, no attributes and no sub-elements, and there must be a defined order on the field elements. In this special case you can have what you want, using SAX parsing and a Diff step.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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