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Thread: JOB - Scripting - javascript

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    Default JOB - Scripting - javascript

    I am not having much luck wth the doco around using the Javascript Block in a JOB.

    I am attempting to do the following:
    - compare two variables populated by subtransformations and return true/false (so I can branch accordingly) if they are the same.

    Is there anyway to log or alert in the JOB>Scripting>Javascript Block?

    This DOES NOT work... .
    maxid1 and maxid2 are set by sub transformations, I can see there values in the log.

    var count1 = '' + parent_job.getVariable("maxid1", "");
    var count2 = '' + parent_job.getVariable("maxid2", "");
    count1 === count2
    This DOES work as expected (depending on hard coded values)....

    var count1 = 'yes';
    var count2 = 'yes';
    count1 === count2
    So clearly my .getVariable calls are not working, but I cant log/debug to confirm.

    Your thoughts
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    I had bad variable name in subtransformation.
    The .getVariable javascript works fine.

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