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Thread: Json Input step throws error.

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    Default Json Input step throws error.


    I have loadaded some unstructured data from a csv file to MongoDB database. I have created a transformation to read the unstructured data using MongoDb input step in PDI. The MongoDb input step is generating format data successfully. Now i want to convert this Json data into structured data so I have used Json Input step which is throwing error. What expression should I use fields tab of Json Input step to get correct output? If there is any other alternative way also then pls suggest.
    The CSV file containing unstructured data and the screenshot of the transformation is attached with the post.
    csv_input.rarName:  mongo_erroro.jpg
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    Hi achouhan

    It will be more helpful if u can paste/attach the json file so that we can guide you how to proceed...
    Try to give sample dump of the data
    Thanks & Regards

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    Hi yvkumar,

    I had attached the CSV file containing the semistructured data(csv_input.rar) and the screenshot of error in my first post. I am attaching the transformation with this reply post. Json input step in my transformation is reading the Json format data coming out from MongoDb input step, so I am unable to provide you the Json file. I hope the attached transformation will help you to understand the error clearly.


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