Hello Experts,

I am very new to this tool and would like to seek help from you.
I have a requirement where i need to generate reports using excel sheets as source.

Small brief on what i have done:
I have used excel as input->table output as the output.

I have created a connection 'Test' and connection type as 'H2' and acess as native JDBC.. and port 9092. user name: sa and password: blank

Now I have created a transformation and the transformation was success. then i have created a model and the model is saved. Now i have opened report wizard from Data integration tool. A simple and small report is created. Now i wanted it to be saved as excel where i fail

Also, i need to compare one month data with the other month. I need help in load the excel data into database first and then pulling it into report designer and creating the reports.

I am struggling with the connections and the data access.

Please help..

Thanking you in advance.