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Thread: Too Many Markers in NewMapComponent

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    Default Too Many Markers in NewMapComponent

    Hi Guys,

    Anybody know howto implement too many markers using NewMapComponent?

    See a exemple:


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    You'll have to change the component itself.

    From the link you sent, doing this for GoogleMaps will be fairly straight forward. I'd try to use MarkerClusterer as a start. So you'd have to change the GoogleMapsEngine to store an array of the markers you're drawing.

    Then you'll need to extend the mapengine interface to support an extra method postDraw. For the OpenMapEngine this would not do anything. For the GoogleMapEngine this will take the markers array and pass this into MarkerClusterer.

    Feel free to do issue a pull request after you're done. :-) We'd be happy to have that functionality on CDE.

    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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