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Thread: Get File Rows Count Problem

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    Default Get File Rows Count Problem


    I'm creating a simple text file output (using select values) and simply need to count the number of rows in this output file, for which i'm using Get File Rows Count step by supplying it the location and name of the output file.
    The error i get is as follows -

    " No file(s) specified. Stop processing! "
    All steps run in parallel , and Get rows count step is executing before the output text file is created.

    Is there any way to read the number of rows of of this text output file being created in a tranformation and use the count in the same tranformation??


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    I don't think it's possible.
    Maybe using a Block step but I'm not sure.
    In a transformations, ALL steps starts at the same time.
    Why don't you use a job and within that job 2 transformations?


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    Hey I included get rows count step in another transformation in my job...
    It works just right.... Thanks !
    And da blockin step proves to be of no help.

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