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Thread: First available CDE Tutorials released!

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    Feb 2013


    this link doesn't have any tutorial now.
    Did you remove them from your site or why there is no a one now

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    This link is broken...

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    Default not working. What happened?

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    Hi folks. Sorry for the late reply but AmbientBI has merged with Voodoo IS and become Ivy Information Systems ( The tutorials are being updated and will be available gain very soon. Be sure to follow our twitter @ivyinfosystems for updates on this! - Ivy Information Systems

    Come join the non official Pentaho IRC chat room on in the ##pentaho channel

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    Angry how to config newMap shape definitions

    hi everybody:
    I am working on google mapsneed an help.i use google earth create a kml file named area.kml and copy it to system\pentaho-cdf-dd\resources\custom\components\NewMapComponent\maps directory
    i config new Map is like this:
    var render_map = {
    	type: "NewMapComponent",
    	name: "render_map",
    	priority: 5,
    	executeAtStart: true,
    	htmlObject: "map_obj",
    	parameters: [],
    	listeners: [],
    	centerLongitude: 121.46,
    	centerLatitude: 38.9,
    	defaultZoomLevel: 11,
    	mapEngineType: "openlayers",
    	API_KEY: "0",
    	marker: "/pentaho/content/pentaho-cdf/js/OpenMap/OpenLayers/img/marker.png",
    	markerWidth: 25,
    	markerHeight: 25,
    	popupParameters: [],
    	cggGraphParameters: [],
    	popupWidth: 100,
    	popupHeight: 150,
    	popupContentsDiv: "popuptest",
    	mapMode: "shapes",
    	shapeSource: "/pentaho/content/pentaho-cdf-dd/resources/custom/components/NewMapComponent/maps/area.kml",
    	colormap: ["255","0","0","0"],
    	tilesets: "google",
    	queryDefinition:  {
    		dataAccessId: "point",
    		path: "/public/customer/newMap.cda"
    but the area is not appeared

    show in google earth:Name:  1.png
Views: 344
Size:  236.6 KB
    show in cdf newMap:Name:  2.png
Views: 331
Size:  98.0 KB

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