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Thread: Scripts for reading input tables of a database in Pentaho

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    Default Scripts for reading input tables of a database in Pentaho

    I read adatabase which contains 3000 tables as table input in Pentaho. I extract manually this 3000 Tables withPentaho, but this is very complex.
    Do you knowan alternative in Pentaho to extract automatically the 3000 tables from thedatabase via a script or via other methods?

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    Sure, create a job.
    First execute a job which gets the list of tables from the database, copies the rows to result.
    Then you execute a job (job entry has option: execute for every result rows, looping over each table) which has a parameter called TABLE_NAME. You can pass the result row field containing the table name in the parameter section (use 4.3.0 for that).
    So each time the job is executed a ${TABLE_NAME} parameter is set.
    That means you can read : SELECT * FROM ${TABLE_NAME} in a Table Input step and you can dump them to file ${TABLE_NAME}.txt and so on.

    There are other, more advanced things to do as well but start with this.

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    Thank you for your prompt answer. Let me describe my problem further detailled.
    I have a MS-SQL-Server Database, which contains 3000 tables. This 3000 tables have to be migrated into a new Oracle-Database. In which way can I automatically extract this 3000 tables from MS-SQL-Server and migrate them into the new Oracle-Database via Pentaho? Do you know a script or another method to extract and migrate this 3000 tables from the source-database (MS-SQL-Server) into the target database (Oracle) ?

    Best regards

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