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Thread: Publishing Report to BI Server

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    Default Publishing Report to BI Server


    We are following the below steps to publish a report to bi server:
    1. create a simple report in report designer(version 3.8) with oracle query as a datasource.
    2. Clicked on File->Publish to the local bi server.
    3. Though data is visible in report designer, only report header is visible in Pentaho User Console( no data is visible).

    Are we missing any intermediate steps while publishing the report?? Does datasource configuration/definition need to be exported explicitly?

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi Basil,

    I got the same problem. A blank report was generated after I published the report. Can you publish your report now? Could you please some me some tips? Many thanks.


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    Hi Alex,

    The problem was with the version of Reporting Developer. The oracle datasources doesnt get exported with version 3.8. When we used the version 3.9 of Reporting Developer, the report was displaying data on Pentaho User Console.
    Also you need to configure the datasources correctly.


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    I'm having this same issue, except with external MySQL. I'm using the latest version of Designer. This is the error showing in the log:

    13:14:41,779 WARN [CascadingDataFactory] Deprecated behavior: None of the data-factories was able to handle the query 'Membership'. Returning empty tablemodel instead of failing hard.

    Membership of course is the name of the Query I'm using in Report Designer. I've created the DataSource on the Server, called it Membership, using the same SQL statement as I used in Designer.

    Can you help with "correctly define data source" ideas ??

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    You are using Pentaho Report Designer 3.9 on a server that runs Pentaho Reporting 3.8.3.

    If you use the latest PRD (3.9) then you have to use the latest BI-Server (4.5). Anything short of that will fail with the server not recognizing the queries defined in the report definition file. After all, a server released in November 2011 cannot cope with features added in May 2012.

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    First open the pentaho server configuration. Login in to the username and password in pentaho server. Then publish your report go to menu file publishing wizard. In that localhost at type pentaho url then username and password enter. Then view report for pentaho server.

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