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Thread: Hypertable plugin

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    Default Hypertable plugin

    Hi all,

    after searching on google and in the forums i was surprised to find nothing regarding Hypertable integration into PDI.

    Is there a way to do it without a dedicated plugin? Is a dedicated Hypertable plugin planned?

    Some databases in our company are currently migrated to hypertable and we have yet to find a easy solution to import data with PDI from them.


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    Hi Alex,

    Hypertable hasn't been on our radar so far. However, it all starts with someone (you!) being the first to ask for Hypertable support :-)

    So short term: integrate using a User Defined Java class and some Java code.
    Long term solution: have dedicated input/output/lookup/join/... steps and job entries in the Big Data project.

    So why don't you put in some details in JIRA as to what exactly it is that you need?

    Thanks in advance,


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