I'm trying to connect to a Microsoft SSAS cube. I've enabled http and everything including a sample query runs fine using SQL Server Management Studio. However, when I got to setup a new database connection from the enterprise console, i'm unable to run a query validation test. My connection is successful. I'm using OLAP4J. Here is the message I got:

"Connection test was successful but validation query test failed : Connection test was successful but validation query test failed"

I'm including the image for my database connection settings.

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If you cannot see the image here's the info:

I've selected org.olap4j.driver.xmla.XmlaOlap4jDriver as the driver class
specified my windows user name and password for connection
jdbc:xmla:Server=http://ssitestsql3;Catalog=FamCube;Cube=FAMCube is the url

Any help is appreciated.